CoG Leader

Empowers others to see a possible future

Great organizations are created by leaders who focus on improvement. By improving themselves, leaders can help their employees and technology more effectively. Change is hard and requires focus on and accountability for objectives supported by great systems. The Chief Officer Group leader is a platform for CEO coaching and mentoring for professional executives and entrepreneurs. CoG leader powered by artificial intelligence and business planner helps business leaders to make the most informed decisions and craft a better life. We believe that when people are fully nurtured, they can make a difference, and we want to ensure that everyone gets the support they need to succeed.

A Chief officer Group leader creates an environment for CEO’s of small and mid-size business leaders to grow themselves and their companies. CoG is committed to transforming business leaders and enabling them to build better lives for themselves, their families, and their companies.

Your Success Stories Must Be Known
As a top management executive, you spend every waking hour working on your business. You have seen the in the intense highs and lows of being the ultimate decision-maker for an organization. Think about how valuable your wisdom and experience could be to other bright, dedicated leaders. CoG leader paves the way to celebrate your success stories.
Expand your Professional Network
When you become a CoG Leader, you'll be joining a prestigious group of business executives across several industries.Every member of CoG is eager to share what they have learned and experienced, and they're curious to know what you have to contribute. By becoming a CoG Leader, you will be joining a fantastic group of highly dedicated and fascinating professionals.
Work on your own schedule and earn recurring income.
Cog Leader enables you to be the boss of your own business with the support of Excelledia ventures. You decide how much time and money you wish to dedicate to your profession. Being a Leader allows you to be more creative with your practice's design and management. The activities you and your group want to do are organized according to the needs of you and your group. A good way to earn a stable income is to become a CoG Leader. Once you establish a successful practice, that income from CoG members becomes an annuity.

Why CoG Leader?

  • Extensive training in becoming peer coach facilitator.
  • Access to COG marketing for creation of new clients.
  • Access to Design Space and $ 1.5 m innovation funding.
  • Powered by Ai business planner and Innovation engine.
  • Revenue sharing opportunity with expansion to global market and cross selling opportunities.
  • Mentor and guide to achieve personal and professional goals of the members. Inspire the team to solve issues and identify opportunities.
  • Brainstorm issues with challenging questions. Facilitate ideation to enable innovation, turning problems to success stories.
  • Accelerate partnerships to access new markets and business models.


A peer group of non-competing leaders meeting under the guidance of a group leader to coach each other on how to seize opportunities and solve problems.

A training platform where you may interact with industry professionals as a mentor. They would learn how to create new personal development concepts and unique techniques to advance in their careers.

CoG can help users build the perseverance and perspective they need to succeed in challenging situations. As Professional’s career progresses, they will be held responsible for strategic decision making. CoG individual and group sessions will expose user’s business unique challenges and help them develop the tools and abilities need to thrive.

The AI-enabled CoG platform can be used by the CoG Leader to evaluate how key decision makers performed during a crisis, as well as to examine their opponent's strengths and weaknesses. CoG aids in estimating the probability of success for available alternatives

Be an Inspiration

A CoG leader will inspire his group of business professionals to elevate themselves and predominantly focuses on Crafting a better life for SME leaders. CoG Leaders are professional coaches running peer advisory groups of business leaders elevating their personal and professional life.

CoG Leader qualifies with

  • Adequate management experience.
  • Desire to mentor others.
  • Self driven and capability to coach.
  • Listen , Challenge ,Mentor key decision players.
  • Empathetic and crave to elevate others.

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An inside look into “the life of a CoG Leader”

Rewarding career

The leadership lessons you learn at the professional workplace will last a lifetime. Bringing your existing business knowledge and the skills to mentor and coach peer groups will enable you to significantly improve the lives of your members while earning a consistent income.

Work-life autonomy

Being able to manage your workload will increase your satisfaction with your work and increase your involvement in the day-to-day work of your venture

Building a beneficial network

As a CoG Leader, the connections you build can help you to establish your personal brand by expanding your pool of potential clients and meeting individuals who can empower you.

Support from COG team

CoG support includes marketing, sales, and technical support, is integrated into our partner's operation as a supplemental product to their service.

Join the CoG Leader and guide the future business explorers through the right way.

We need your expertise and experiences in all major fields of business so that we could lend a hand to uplift the business leaders who could be great leaders like you.

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