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A peer group of non-competing leaders meeting under the guidance of a group leader to coach each other on how to seize opportunities and solve problems.


  • Leaders meet in groups of between 12 and 16 each month led by an experienced business leader.
  • The members share their plans, objectives and goals and work together to solve challenges.
  • Members meet monthly with their leader to work in more detail on their opportunities and challenges.
  • Members create and share a business plan which creates a shared dashboard to help the group see the progress they are all making.
  • All members have access to monthly teaching sessions led by world class speakers.
  • All members have access to an innovation grant worth £1.5m per year

Return on investment

The results are truly unlimited; it includes real-life experience, insights, wisdom from leaders of repute that will help you to achieve your objectives with a smile.
  • Leaders working in peer groups run more successful businesses.
  • Innovation in people process and technology increases business performance.
  • Access to up to £1.5m innovation grant through access to Dezign COG

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We help to find time for work, family, and life.

Knowledge to work differently, creating a plan for families, and altering own way of thinking.

Create win-win solutions to work more effectively.

Balancing work, family, and other life interests.

Be a forerunner and lead by example.

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