Three Essential Qualities Required by Every Leader

Even if an entertainer has millions of followers, this does not make him or her a leader.  Even a politician with devoted followers could not lead.  There are many tyrants and dictators that have risen to power over the years and changed the course of history.  Despite this, we intuitively understand that power alone does not define leadership.

True leaders are not concerned about titles or power. As a leader, you will eventually gain admirers to achieve your goals, and these followers are not blindly loyal or devoted out of fear of retaliation, but because they care about implementing serious reforms, and thus become stronger and more stable.  The world of leadership has transitioned away from power positions and 'positional authority'; managers have moved beyond being just supervisors to inspiring their teams with empathy, emotional intelligence, and moral authority. The three most critical qualities that any leader must have:

  • Take guidance from others.

Leaders that have a dedicated following require guidance or feedback from a trusted inner circle of mentors and advisers who can teach them, keep them on track, and guide them in the correct way.

  • Establish trust

Any real leader will begin by establishing trust with their staff. Indeed, it has been shown that in healthy companies, leaders with a servant attitude are willing to initially provide trust to their followers, and they do so as a gift even before it is earned.

  • Recognize and reward

Leaders never fly solo and are not obsessed with personality or play for the name on the back of their jersey. They will always credit accomplishments to a collaborative effort. Employees are more ready to follow leaders that are striving to develop them up and help them thrive in their jobs.

Problems that are right in front of us can prepare us for bigger problems later on. Our leadership skills are honed and tested every time we work with others to tackle a problem that is worth solving.  Not every effort is always going to result in a million dollars saved or a new product. However, when we make a difference, unleash potential in others, and focus on the problem rather than worrying about promotion or praise, good things always happen. To those who are serious about developing leadership competencies and becoming a leader from Boss, we encourage you to join CoG members and turn to be a leader from Boss. As part of the course, you will be coached live and in person by your peers. Peer Group can help you accelerate your path to achievement; they can provide recommendations that are precisely tailored to your current needs. Check out the blog  How does Peer Group Inspire Leaders? - Chief Officer Group to know more about peer groups and how they challenge you to expand beyond your comfort zone and be adventurous.

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